B2B content your education audience will be eager to consume

Let's face it. There's something awesome about education. And there's undoubtedly something awesome about your contribution to the sector.

But are the right people getting the full scoop on what you’ve got to offer?

Tertiary B2B copywriting & content

Does your marketing pass the test?

If you're struggling with,

  • Making your brand stand out from the rest
  • Creating compelling content that converts prospects into leads
  • Generating enough additional content to sustain leads through the sales cycle
  • Producing informational, sales, and training videos that viewers watch all the way through
  • Demonstrating (and substantiating) what you've achieved for your previous clients
  • High bounce and low conversion on your website
  • Positioning yourself as the 'go-to' company in your field

then your marketing may need some work.


Higher ed B2B marketing - from an insider's perspective

Here's the 'how' and 'why' of it all.

I'm a former academic and possibly over-zealous student. At last count I've either taught at or attended 6 universities in the US, New Zealand, and Finland.

In other words, education is in my blood.

Which is good news for you. Not only do I genuinely love the sector - I understand it. And that includes not only academics and students, but also the business side of things.

I know the culture of the education world - its values, financial pressures, and structures - and how to speak to the people who live there.

And that's precisely the experience that will help me create copy and content for your company that will move your target audience to say 'yes' - to you and to what you've got to offer.

So are you up for a bit more 'yes!' from your audience? Email me today so we can arrange a time to chat. It's time to get your marketing popping - and your business humming.