Redorkulate your content to get more views for your college videos

March 23, 2012 by

Redorkulation - becoming a dork again.*

I actually do have a (mostly) serious point here.  There are good reasons to be a bit dorky, nerdy  and intellectual in your video content.

Why?  Because it's your brightest prospects and students that are watching your videos.  According to a recent Noel Levitz survey, students with an A and B average watch more video on college websites and YouTube channels than other students.

Not only that - some extremely popular college videos have significant references to academic life.

Here are a couple of great examples.

viral college videos with the nerd factor**

'Call me a Duck' is all about school spirit, but is also almost exclusively about academic achievement.  It

  • starts off with 'Man, let's go to class.  Let's go!'
  • makes a mantra of the work these guys did to get admitted - 'raised my grades, came to school, wrote my papers'
  • focuses on pride in achievement, relationships with professors, career options

And to date this video has 645,000 views!

Of course it doesn't hurt that it has great production quality, and a catchy tune performed with real skill.  Music does seem to be a key factor in going viral.

But in this video, the entertainment value never obscures the central message of academic achievement.

a research fundraising video that's irresistible

And here's an even geekier video from McGill that's racked up 426,000 views so far.

It's about cancer research, it's set in a laboratory, and it's immensely popular.

Again, the production quality is excellent, even if the dancing is amateur.

And what about those 'mature' doctors shaking their booty?  The fact that everybody participating was obviously having a great time is a huge boost.

So here's the takeaway.  To give your university's videos the best chance of going viral,

it's not education vs. entertainment.  it's both

It's fine to have some content that's about 'campus life,' or the great city you're in.  There's a place for all that.

But don't be afraid to feature your core business in your videos.  Which is about learning.  If you can depict being curious, clever, and, well . . . dorky in a way that's fun, you may just have a winner.

Do you know some other college videos in the same vein?  Would love to hear about them!

*Thanks to  Laura Hale Brockway for the Simpsons vocabulary

**Thanks to blockgreg's blog for pointing me to 'Call me a Duck' and 'McGill Dances for Cancer Research Lipdub'

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