• Case studies. Credibility, credibility, credibility. No matter what you say about yourself and your offerings, what your clients say will matter more. I can help you with case studies that will give you the full benefit of their positive response in these powerful examples of social proof.
  • White papers. These 6-8 page pieces of 'educational marketing' are a crucial tool for  explaining complex products, establishing thought leadership, and generating leads. They need to be objective and backed by credible evidence in order to be truly effective.
  • eNewsletters. What better way to nurture leads and keep in touch with clients than through a low-key 'touch' every month or quarter? If your newsletters are congenial (rather than 'salesy') and focused on providing useful information, they'll win you friends and keep you on your audience's radar in the best possible way.
  • Fundraising letters. Powerful storytelling is what's needed here to move your audience and get them to support your company or cause. Eliciting an emotional response without going over the top is the key.
  • Video scripts. Videos are one of the best waysreport cover 2 to increase engagement. My free report, 'A quick-start guide to producing effective B2B videos' will tell you all about it. I can also provide referrals for video production to give you the complete package.
  • Web copy. Of course! Eye-catching, easy to scan, and straight to the point to capture the minuscule attention spans of website visitors.