Why Dr. Julie?


A higher ed background comes in handy

I used to be an academic. Which might make you wonder, "can she write anything other than academic gobbledygook?"

Yes! Never did like the stuff.

To get a feel for my business writing, have a look at what my clients have said on the testimonials page, and browse the portfolio page.

Gobbledygook aside, my history at universities will work in your favor in important ways.

A self-confessed learning fanatic

I have taught, thought and written for universities for more than 20 years: 8 as a lecturer at the University of Hawai'i, 12 as an academic at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, and (after several years away) now back at Canterbury as a part-time Learning Advisor.

How that will help you:

  • Direct knowledge of education audiences . .  As a former head of department and member of numerous committees, I got to know the people on the business side of education. I know what motivates them, what will instantly turn them off, and how to communicate the value of what you do in a way that will make them feel appreciated and understood.
  • . . and the business side of learning. 6 years as a stockbroker gave me direct experience of the importance of training/L&D, and an understanding of the challenges and rewards of making it happen in a corporate environment.
  • Award-winning teaching = good storytelling. Did you enjoy it (or learn anything) when your teachers provided you with long lists of 'important facts'? No? Neither does anyone else. I won an award for teaching excellence in 2001 because I know how to tell a good story and get people engaged with the material. I'll craft your company's stories into intriguing, story-driven marketing materials in just the same way.
  • Good teaching (also) = good listening skills. I listened closely to what my students were telling me, quickly assimilated the information, and responded appropriately. You can expect no less.
  • Writing a Ph.D. sharpened my analytical and research chops.  I 'get' stuff. Usually quickly, and usually with a clear view of how it fits into the big picture. And if it takes a bit of research for me to get there, no problem. Got the skills for that, too. Thank you, Ph.D.
  • I care–truly, madly, deeplyabout education and learning (even though the song makes me cringe!). So whatever your company is doing to help somebody, somewhere to learn and develop, consider me a fan who would love to lend a hand.

See the Services page for more on what that help might look like.

Photo Credit: Herkie via Compfight cc